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5 Tips to Customize Your Bedroom With Unique Style

The bedroom is an intimate sanctuary where comfort meets personal style. From classic, modern or rustic styles, there are numerous ways to add your signature look without breaking the bank. From new paint to pattern wallpaper – here are 5 Tips to Customize Your Bedroom in Unique Fashion.

1. Experiment With Lighting
One of the easiest ways to transform the feel of your bedroom is through changing its lighting. Bedside reading lights, overhead illumination for all areas of the room and lamps dotted throughout will all help set a more relaxing ambience – try dimmable switches for added control and convenience!

2. Add A Unique Touch With Wall Decor
To bring life and character into your bedroom, hanging artwork on the walls can really set it off. There’s so many wonderful choices out there from macrame wall hangings to gallery of photos to more modern black-and-white prints; or try something unique like wall stickers which can easily be installed or taken down when seasons or tastes change.

3. Play with Symmetry
One great way to add personality and symmetry into a bedroom is with design elements in the same hue as your bedding – such as an accent wall or headboard in this case – which adds another design element from which to draw inspiration when making personalizing it further. Or you could add bolder touches, like throw pillows or vase decorations featuring this hue, or perhaps wallpapering or muraling an entire accent wall!

4. Layer Textures
Incorporating different textures into your bedroom space can add visual interest and coziness, including adding warmth with shag rugs on cold hardwood floors or layering up pillow shams or soft bed throws for additional textured touches.

5. Add Green
To create a relaxing bedroom environment, all it takes to add some natural beauty and scent is adding in some plants – not only will this bring an element of natural beauty into the room but it can also smell fresh when combined with some fragrant candles or diffusers.

Bedrooms should be places of peace and relaxation, so it’s essential that any design doesn’t ruin this feeling by being too busy or over-designed. Adherence to principles such as balance, rhythm and repetition, contrast and proportion can ensure your design feels harmonious and is just what suits you best. If you need help determining your design style or are just unsure how best to incorporate elements of your room that are most important to you then consult an interior designer – they will guide you through combining everything into something that reflects both your personality and taste perfectly.

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