Summary of the top 10 best left-backs of all time

Top 10 left wing defenders are always sought after, because in addition to their defensive role, they also possess admirable skills. Players playing in this position always do a good job of supporting their teammates in attacking and defending to help the home team keep as clean a sheet as possible. The following,  New88 will update the names that fans always mention today.
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Lucas Digne – Possesses top skills

Lucas Digne is the first name inside top 10 left wing backs best of all time. He is a young French player with ideal height and excellent dribbling skills. From there, it plays a good defensive role, preventing the opponent’s attack.

Above all, he is considered one of the greatest successes that Marcel Brand has had. Thanks to his accurate passes to teammates, this player creates many top scoring opportunities. Digne is currently injured in his thigh but still provides very good support when needing to pass long or block the opponent’s attack. 

Ben Chilwell – Top 10 classy left-backs

The young English player joined the Chelsea club, starting his professional career. Although he played as a left-back, he impressed with his assists, and teammate Olivier Giroud seized the opportunity to score into the opponent’s net. 

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Still continuing his duties as left-back and was the first person from the Chelsea club to score in his Premier League debut. Ben Chilwell had his best passes and performances in the semi-finals and final. 

Alex Sandro – The guy who owns extremely accurate passes

Mentioned top 10 left wing backs The best in the world cannot ignore Alex Sandro. Player okay  New88 Appreciate and stand out with accurate passes that give teammates the best chance to score.

In the Serie A tournament, this Brazilian player had 87.7% accurate passes and 85.4% passes in the Champions League with Juventus. Alex Sandro won a golden goal at the Copa America final. 

Jordi Alba – Top 10 left-backs voted by FIFA

It would be a big mistake not to have this player’s name on the list of best defenders. Possessing good physical strength, fast running speed and accurate passes, this player also scored in the Euro 2012 final. This is an indispensable character who brings strength and solidarity to the Spain team. 

Jordi Alba has good playing technique and the ability to block the opponent’s attack situations well. When combined with Messi, this pair brings viewers eye-catching football plays. 

David Alaba – The school captain holds the goal

In the list top 10 left wing backs There is definitely an indispensable talent named David Alaba. He is holding the role of captain and is an indispensable part of the national team when participating in major tournaments. 

Thanks to his good running speed, good passing and passing techniques, this player has many starting roles in the team, creating great success for the team. While playing for FC Bayern Munich, this player played more than 400 matches and achieved many major titles. 

Through his contributions, David Alaba has been honored as Player of the Year 7 times. In addition, the team was awarded 3 times by UEFA as the Best Team.
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Guerreiro – Top 10 highly rated left-backs

This Portuguese player is highly appreciated by his teammates and coaches for his top technique and hard-working style of play. “The Battery” is the nickname that people give Guerreiro because of his creativity and energy. 

Starting out as one of the elite players at Clairefontaine Academy, France, he is highly appreciated. This is also the cradle that created many football legends that everyone knows such as Thierry Henry, Kylian Mbappe, Olivier Giroud.

This talented left-back Guerreiro is a transfer target of coach Carlo Ancelotti. In the Euro 2021 tournament, this player excellently completed the defensive task and was also the first scorer for the team. Thanks to these contributions, this player is the best defender. 

Alphonso Davies – Player with top defensive ability

Alphonso Davies is also on the list top 10 left wing backs highly appreciated. Although not many people know this guy, he possesses very good speed. The main proof is the match against Arminia when he showed his talent by running 35.5km/h. 

This is also the first Canadian player to play for Bayern Munich and score a goal. His career has really shined since arriving at this club in 2019, highly appreciated by coaches and experts. This is the best left-back in the world with good playing technique.

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Marcelo- The best left back in the world

Mention one of top 10 left wing backs The best in the world cannot ignore Marcelo. Currently this guy is the highest valued in the world. This young player became a very important person for the national team and Olympiacos.

José Gayà – Top 10 best left-backs

Considered the best left-back in the world, after just 2 games he was voted team hero after only 10 matches for Valencia. Currently, this defender is the bright spot in the team’s journey to conquer the noble position. 

Raphael Guerreiro – Classy left-back

Possessing a dynamic playing style with flexible tactics and quick observation, he has saved the team many times. Nicknamed The Battery, this player is from the French football training academy.


Top 10 left wing defenders The best in the world today  New88 Summary to help you have useful knowledge about this sport. When playing in this position, the player can deploy an attacking style of play and return to defense to protect the home team when necessary.

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