Discover All Basketball Rules 2024 For Players

New88 Always consider the results according to the previously stated rules of the game. In basketball rules Any bettor wants to conquer a generous winning reward in the game, you need to clearly understand and conquer all betting rules and principles. In this article, bookmaker New88 will guide you how to bet on the most standard basketball game.

Update the latest basketball rules for bettors

All bettors participating in basketball betting need to thoroughly understand the rules and principles prescribed in this sport. This is considered the basic knowledge and conditions that you must understand before you can start playing. Below are some of the most recently updated basketball rules for your reference New 88:

Basketball rules

Basketball is a sports competition between two participating teams. Each side will have 5 players on the field to compete in four rounds. Depending on the nature of each tournament and the organizing unit, the fighting time between the two teams will be different. Between the second halves, the team will have a 5-minute break, with a 15-minute break between the 2nd and 3rd halves.

At the end of four rounds of competition, the team with the higher score will be the winner. Basketball rules There is no regulation on draw results, so if at the end of the official match time the two sides are inconclusive, the referee will decide to play an additional 5 minutes of extra time. The two sides will continue to compete until one team wins more points.

In addition, in basketball there are also a few rules that players and viewers need to understand basically:

  • 3-second rule: In the free throw area, attacking players are not allowed to stay longer than 3 seconds.
  • 2-step rule: players are only allowed to take two steps relative to the ball to make a throw or pass.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use the ball with your feet or other parts.

How to calculate points

  • Each time the ball hits the basket, the player will score 1 to 3 points.
  • For free throws, goals scored will be counted as 1 point.
  • Successful throw-ins from the space in the middle of the field will be considered 2 points and for the touchline will be 3 points.
  • For the NBA tournament, the distance of 7.24m behind the goal line at which the player successfully throws the ball into the basket will be counted as 3 points.

Betting rulesĀ 

When participating in basketball betting, players need to understand clearly basketball rules During the match, you need to learn some of the following principles:

  • For NBA/NBI tournaments, a match to be considered valid must last at least 43 minutes. In other competitions or seasons, a playing time of at least 35 minutes is required. In case the match is postponed after a minimum of 12 hours of non-play, the result will be considered when the match is suspended.
  • Basketball rules In case the match is interrupted or cannot be finished for any reason, in-match bets will still be considered valid.
  • In the match the result in extra time will be counted in all final 2 half total, last half or full match bets.

Basic bets in online basketball rules

Currently at bookmaker New88, players can participate in basketball betting in the sports lobby. The bets in this subject are quite diverse and attractive, specifically:

Moneyline BettingĀ 

Participating players predict the final winning team with a reward rate of 50%. For example basketball rules Basically, it’s easy for you to understand that if in a basketball match team A wins against team B, the player playing team A will win.

Handicap bet

Handicap betting is also a popular form of betting basketball rules. In this bet, the strong team will handicap the weak team with a certain handicap to create balance in the match. After the official match time, the scores between the two teams will be calculated including the handicap to determine the winner or loser.

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Even/Odd bets

Bettors participate in betting to predict whether the total score scored in the match will be even or odd. This seemingly simple and boring bet has been extremely popular in basketball matches over the years.

Future bets

Basketball rules Future betting means players bet money to see which team will be the best player of the season. To participate in this bet, you will have to bet before that basketball season takes place.


In the above article, we have shared with you all the principles and regulations basketball rules. We New88 We believe that after reading and understanding the rules of your bet, you will have a success rate of winning up to 69%.

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